Sunday, 8 February 2015

Figure Skating outfit for Catherine

Sometimes it’s all about connections. 
Who you know, who knows you, who heard about you. 

A friend of my sister’s asked me if I would be interested in making her daughter a figure skating dress for an upcoming competition. Seeing as I do all of my own daughter’s dance leotards, a figure skating dress is simply a jeweled up version with a skirt attached to it. So, the answer was, of course I can make her a dress! I met with Catherine, the young lady I would be designing a dress for, and from her likes and dislikes, the way the music made me feel and doing a bit of shopping I came up with a one sleeve, no back, light grey dress with lace appliqués.

I used a few Jalie patterns together to come up with the final look.

I just love using Jalie patterns! You get all the sizes in one nice package. Most patterns can be used together ( the top of that one with the bottom of the other one ). If you like to sew go have a look at Bonus: they are a Quebec company!

 The back is a modified keyhole from #2792 the front is #2792 unmodifed


The skirt is actually 2 layers, bottom one is made of the same stretch lace I used for the sleeve and the top layer is the same as the body, Jalie pattern # 2797

I then found this very beautiful lace and sewed it on the front of the skirt and on key points on her arm. I finished by adding all the pretty shiny stones needed for a proper figure skating dress.

The final dress is a one of a kind. I must say I am very pleased with my first Skating project. First time she wore it, she made her way to first place on the podium. Congrats again Catherine!

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